Lakeview Senior College has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model and all students are expected bring a laptop or tablet device of their own that meets our minimum specifications for use as an effective learning tool for accessing school resources, the school intranet, Compass, online e-learning platforms, collaborative learning, researching and printing.

A DET license agreement with Microsoft allows a free limited installation of Microsoft Office on BYOD devices. Students will have access to OneDrive storage space and will be provided a school email address to communicate with their teachers and submit work.

In order to support families in making the decision about an appropriate device, parents are advised to check the following recommendations before making a BYOD purchase:




Microsoft Windows

Apple MacBook

Google Chromebook

  • 14” or smaller screen size
  • Intel Core m3, Intel i3, AMD A4 processor or above
  • 4GB or higher memory
  • 128GB or higher hard drive storage
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • Battery Life +6 hours
  • 13.3” or smaller screen size
  • Intel i3 processor or above
  • 4GB or higher memory
  • 128GB or higher hard drive storage
  • Mac OS X v10.13 or higher
  • Battery Life +6 hours
  • Not Recommended



Microsoft Windows

Apple iPad


  • Windows 8 or higher
  • Battery Life +6 hours
  • 128GB or higher hard drive storage
  • iOS 12.0 or higher
  • 32GB or higher storage
  • Not Recommended


For educational pricing on student BYOD devices visit the following portal:


Please check the minimum specifications and read the disclaimer before selecting an appropriate device.



  • We do not recommend Android and Chromebook devices due to limited compatibility with our wireless network and software requirements
  • Microsoft Windows based systems must NOT be running Windows 10 S operating system version due to limited application compatibility. We encourage you to upgrade to Windows 10 Home/Pro in this case
  • Students intending to undertake an IT subject must have a Windows based laptop or tablet preferably with a physical keyboard
  • Students intending to undertake a Media or Visual Communication subject must have an Apple or a Windows laptop with sufficient processor power, storage and memory to run high end graphic design software
  • Laptops need to have the recommended screen size to fit in the student lockers
  • Battery life will need to be at least 6 hours on all devices and students must bring their devices to school fully charged. Due to OH&S standards, devices cannot be charged in classrooms
  • Any subject specific software required that is not licenced for BYOD devices must be purchased by the student
  • Higher end software packages may require sufficient laptop processor power, higher hard drive storage space and more memory. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a suitable system
  • Only ONE device per student is allowed. Records of all connected BYOD devices are maintained and monitored.
  • Use of a BYOD device is defined in the Lakeview Senior College ICT Acceptable Use Policy and must be adhered to when using the device
  • Virus software must be installed on all devices and virus definitions kept up-to-date
  • The College takes no responsibility for the corruption or loss of information due to any computer virus, software installation or wireless connectivity.
  • Students bring their devices at their own risk and the college takes no responsibility for devices that are damaged, lost or stolen
  • Families are encouraged to include the device on their home and contents insurance or insure the device separately.